Concho Pearl Gizmo ("Bear")


Height: 12 inches

Weight: 17 lbs

Color: Black Tri

Bear loves hanging out with his yellow lab sister and is best friends with the family cat. He has produced outstanding pups for us.


Triple C Toy Aussies Wezley


Height:  12 inches

Weight: 18lbs

Color: Red Tri

Wes loves the warm weather and pool and prefers to spend his winters in Florida with his Ashby Lou sister Harley.


Ashby Lou's Woodford

Age: 2

Height:  12 inches

Weight: 18lbs

Color:Blue Merle

Eye Color: Blue


Height:  12 inches

Weight: 12lbs

Color: Blue Merle

Woody loves his weekly obedience class and can be found frequently hanging out with us at local horse shows.


Rosewood's Ashby Lou Loki

Height:  17 inches

Weight: 28lbs

Color: Black Tri

Loki is our up and coming stud and we can't wait to see what he will produce. Until then, he enjoys puppy hood at his local guardian home.