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The Ladies

Rivera's Ashby Lou Indy

Height:  17 inches

Weight: 25lbs

Color: Blue Merle

Indy loves to go for outings and loves agility practice. She's always the first one at the door ready for an adventure.

Rivera's Ashby Lou Divot

Height:  17 inches

Weight: 25lbs

Color: Black Tri

Divvy is the sweetest pup, loves to sleep under the covers and is best friends with every dog she meets.

Valley Essence Gunz n Rosez of Seger's River

Height:  17inches

Weight: 25lbs

Color: Red Merle

Rosie is our happy go lucky girl that loves everyone she meets. She loves to go for walks and agility practice.

Ashby Lou's Fern

Height:  16 inches

Weight: 25lbs

Color: Blue Merle

Fern is a Zola and Bear pup and enjoys family life with her Border Collie sister Harley.

Ashby Lou's Zucchini

Height:  12 inches

Weight: 12lbs

Color: Blue Merle

Zui is a Zeva and Bear pup and one of our toy females. She loves the beach and playing with her sister Birdie.

Ashby Lou's Tweet Tweet

Height:  13 inches

Weight: 18lbs

Color: Yellow

Birdie is an Indy and Wesley pup and a rare yellow toy aussie. She loves hanging out with her human sister and Zui.

Ashby Lou's Cherry


Height:  16 inches

Weight: 24lbs

Color: Red Tri

Cherry is a third generation Ashby Lou Aussie pup and we can't wait to see how she matures.

Hughes Toys Zola

Height:  16 inches

Weight: 28lbs

Color: Blue Merle

Zola is one of our foundation females. Now retired, she enjoys teaching at the farm and napping on the couch.

Heifer Creek's Zeva

Height:  16.5 inches

Weight: 33lbs

Color: Red Merle

Zeva is our oldest female, but that doesn't slow her down one bit. Her favorite place is the beach, where she loves swimming and boating.

Ashby Lou's Beezie

Height:  15 inches

Weight: 25lbs

Color: Red Merle

Beezie is a Zeva pup also and retired as well. She enjoys playing at the lake and boating, just like her mother and sister.


Ashby Lou's Jinx

Height:  15.5 inches

Weight: 25lbs

Color: Black Bi

Eye Color: Blue

Jinx is also a Zola pup (now retired) and enjoys her life living the family life with kids and other dogs!

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